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Application procedure

Do the referees have to send their letters of recommendation through email?

No. The referees must give their letters of recommendation to the candidate in a sealed envelope.  These envelopes have to be put in the same envelope as the application form and other documents required.

Is there any template for the recommendation letters?

No. But an indication of useful elements can be found in the application form, as well as a table to fillin should the referees prefer to do so.

When will the selection decision be made?

The selection committee will meet within two weeks after the application deadline. Each candidate will be individually notified by email after the selection committee meeting whether he/she is pre-selected on the main or reserve list.  Students refused will be notified by postal mail.

I have lost my birth certificate. Can I send a copy of my National Identity card?

We need a copy of your birth certificate. In case you don't have it now, you can send a copy of your passport (better than your National Identity card), whilst you obtain a new birth certificate. Of course, in case of admission to the MACLANDS programme, you will be asked to provide all required documents, including your birth certificate.

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