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Academic prerequisites

What are the academic prerequisites?

Students must at least hold a first university degree (Licentiatura, Bachelor’s degree, Diploma di laurea di primo livello), in either Humanities, Economics, Law, Sciences (physics, chemistry) or an equivalent degree in Architecture, Arts, Heritage and Landscape, Design or Engineering.  Students in the process of finishing their first university degree and who already have accumulated at least 150 ECTS, can apply but will only be admitted upon submission of the proof of success to their exams before the end of July prior to the start of the academic year.

What is the application procedure?

A dossier has to be put together.  It must include:
- The certified true copy, with certified translation in French if needed, of the relevant degree required to apply to an Erasmus Mundus Masters, or equivalent
- The certified true copy, with certified translation in French if needed, of the birth certificate
- Proof of the level of language skills (DALF C1 for French, CELI 3 for Italian, ZD for German)
- A detailed CV in either French or English, with 3 photos
- A covering letter (word processor and handwritten) from the applicant in one of the languages of the consortium
- Two recommendation letters in one of the languages of the consortium, from teaching professors who followed the student’s curriculum
- The study, research or professional project of the student, corroborating the covering letter, in one of the languages of the consortium.  This project, presented scientifically (with notes, references and bibliography), must give the selection panel a clear indication of the quality of the student and of that of his/her project.  The project must have operational results in the student’s country of origin or elsewhere
- The application form duly completed and signed. This form will be available on the masters’ portal as soon as it is installed and ready to be downloaded

What is the application schedule?

Applications start on 1st December for the academic year starting the following September.  For “third country” students and scholars, the deadline for applications is the end of January.  For students from the EU, the deadline is at the end of April
Applications must be sent both by post (express or courier service).

What are the most important selection criteria?

- Academic excellence
- Competencies close to the themes of the programme
- Motivation
- Personal potential and adaptability
- Language skills

Can a student graduating in June apply to the programme?

Yes, of course.  Most of the students who apply to our programme are finishing their degree.  When a student starts the MaCLands programme, he/she will have to provide the proof of graduation (the original document original or a photocopy, translated and certified true). Meanwhile, a certificate of enrolment and viva from his/her university will be needed.

I carried out my studies at a good level.  Can I apply to MaCLands?

In principle, you can apply regardless of your point average or your ranking. But you must also know that MACLANDS, Master of Cultural Landscapes, is part of Erasmus Mundus, a programme of excellence involving universities of high standing. Your level must be as good as possible, indeed excellent, for your application to be considered.

I have just finished a Masters degree.  Can I apply to MaCLands?

It is possible, as long as your Masters degree was not obtained through Erasmus Mundus.

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