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Programme contents, courses, mobility, degree

Programme contents

The Masters is integrated in order to strengthen the coherence of the programme and to offer a logical and identical progression as far the main teaching units are concerned (TU 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The compulsory student mobility track (with the exception of Semester 4) offers the same number of ECTS for all 4 semesters in order to guarantee the homogeneity of the whole programme. This is reinforced by identical teaching structures on the 3 sites (same number of modules, same number of units within each module, and same number of ECTS within each module).


The students mobility track is compulsory, with the exception of Semester 4.  For the latter, applicants are asked to choose by order of preference which host university they want to attend to carry out their research study/professional project.  A tutor will be assigned to each student according to their project. These wishes will be modulated by the students’ results during the first 3 semesters, and their ranking within their group.  Of course, the project may evolve during the course of the programme.

Semesters are organised as follows:

Semester 1 Saint Etienne (UJM) mid-August to mid-February
Semester 2 Federico II Naples UNINA mid-February to mid-July
Semester 3 University of Stuttgart USTUTT mid-August to mid-February
Semester 4 One of the three universities mid-February to mid-September


Type of Masters degree awarded by MaCLands:
For the time being, students are awarded a multiple degree: each university awards a national masters degree.  However, thanks to the programme’s homogeneity, we are confident that, once national legal issues are ironed out, the consortium will be able to award a joint degree for the first student intake.

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